what equipment to choose for deer hunting

Deer hunting is an old sport that has become quite a hobby nowadays. Though its origins started off as a source of meat, Deer hunting is purely a sport now, especially with deer meat having been banned in several countries. Once you’ve decided to go deer hunting, there are several things that you have to prepare ahead. Primarily, hunting gear is the most essential bit and that will require you to spend at least a few hours shopping on it. Choosing the right kind of materials, equipment etc that suit your budget and needs will take time, though it will be a one time activity and expenditure.
Hunting does not take place on city streets. Hence one cannot wear sandals and track shoes with tight fitting jeans or high heels with a pretty dress. Hunting clothes essentially should be able to keep you cool inside humid jungles and warm during the colder seasons. Extras like jackets help with organising things and keeping a person warm. Hunting requires a person to walk quite a lot as well and hence a comfortable pair of hunting boots is more than essential. Buy a good quality pair of boots that have a comfortable sole and keep your feet warm and dry. Asking specifically for waterproof boots would be a good idea. If you are a regular hunter, keeping some maintenance tools like a waterproof seal for your boots is something you can consider investing in.